Contractor kit - RN1 Fan - Sub Slab Depressurization

Contractor kit - RN1 Fan - Sub Slab Depressurization

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This kit is for radon professionals who are trained in diagnostics and completing back-drafting analysis.  This kit is to be used with 4" schedule 40 PVC or ABS pipe.


  • Sealant indoor tube – 300ml
  • Uniseal 4" Bushing
  • RN1 Fantech inline radon fan
  • 2 Fernco black couplers
  • Electrical cord (8' two prongs)
  • Electrical strain relief
  • 4" U-tube manometer
  • Sound reducing foam insert
  • Varmint guard - grey
  • Label and radon mitigation system information packet

TEMPORARY CHANGE TO THE KIT:  Due to supply chain issues the bracing clamps are not available at this time. The price of the kit has been reduced to reflect the removal of the bracing kit. Sorry for the inconvenience!

RN1 technical specs: