RN4  EC-4 Inline Radon Fan
RN4  EC-4 Inline Radon Fan

RN4 EC-4 Inline Radon Fan

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Introducing the largest radon fan in the Fantech family.  This unique fan comes with a speed control to allow for in field optimization and can replace many different fans.

RN series fans are designed explicitly for radon mitigation systems. The fans are sealed tight to reduce re-entrainment risks, and the motors are built to run 24 hours a day, every day.

The RN-4 has the ability to move 20 cfm at 4.3” and up to 490 cfm at 0.5” water column.

Max air flow is 555 cfm and a 169-watt fan

Efficient ECM motor

Includes 2 LDVI™ (Low Durometer Vibration Isolating) couplings to fit 4” schedule 40 pipe.

This fan is approved for indoor use which is important in Canada's cold climate.

The fan is assembled in the USA, and the motor is made in Germany

5-year manufacturer warranty


RN4 EC technical specs: