Radon Eye Plus 2

Radon Eye Plus 2

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We think this one is the superhero of all the consumer-grade continuous digital radon monitors.

Extremely accurate and very sensitive large pulsed ion chamber design - as sensitive as professional devices costing many thousands of dollars.

Records and stores up to one year of hourly radon data so you can see the daily short term fluctuations and still get your recommended 3-month long term average.

There is a digital display screen on the device so you can see the readings just by looking and it also connects to smartphones using Wifi or Bluetooth so results can be viewed remotely. 

Can send data to the internet so you can read it from anywhere.  

Logs with a date/time stamp so you know exactly when the measurement was taken.

Reads up to 10,000 Bq/m3

Provides initial reading in as little as 10 minutes.

This product is ideal for engineers and other data junkies who want lots of data.

This product is not C-NRPP certified for professional testing use but is perfect for radon mitigation diagnostics and homeowners performing self-testing.