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Is your home or business safe? Our certified technicians are trained to deploy the most appropriate radon testing equipment for your home or business.  

Whether you are in a simple residential unit or a large building with hundreds of rooms, our technicians follow Health Canada protocols to get an accurate estimates of the annual radon exposure. You’ll receive a report with the data, as well as suggested  mitigation measures if required. 

Our technicians will also assess the water-related radon risk. Though radon is not typically a concern for buildings using municipally treated sources, buildings using a well or other ground water sources are at risk of significant entry of radon via the water supply. Fish hatcheries and municipal water treatment centres are especially at risk. Professional continuous radon monitors can be used to profile exposures based on hourly readings and occupied hours. This is particularly useful in conjunction with large building surveys or where a radiation protection plan or dose management plan is required.

Residential Mitigation

We are a recognized industry leader in the radon services industry and are known nationally for our high quality work and for our design of effective and efficient radon control systems specific to Canada’s cold climate.

We are highly knowledgeable about building science and system design, ensuring that ensures

that the final installation is the best fit for your home. We assess the many factors that influence radon infiltration, such as construction type, building operating systems, climate and, geology, and the operating systems of a building. We specialize in technical diagnostics and in troubleshooting hard to fix buildings. Radon is our business and we recognize how and which parts of the building code are directly related to radon. We can evaluate and understand how different technologies and products can improve or impede the ultimate goal of radon reduction.

Commercial Mitigation

Whether you operate a small strip mall, a large commercial building or an industrial facility, our radon experts can design and install a tailored mitigation system that ensures you are meeting Health Canada protocol, and more importantly, making your building radon safe.  

We follow a documented scientific process for determining the optimum radon system design.  First, the natural building pressure is measured to determine the amount of suction that is required to be applied to the foundation to prevent radon entry.  Then a computer model is created to take that takes into account the soil and piping resistance, as well as the inside/outside pressure difference and various radon fan curves to develop a predictive model of airflow simulations.  These simulations are compared to the measured airflow target to determine the most appropriate radon fan and system design.  This Our building evaluation processes ensures that the quietest, most energy efficient radon system is installed. We are one of the few companies in Canada that can provide advanced system modelling for every radon system we design.

New Construction

More and more provinces are adopting the 2010 Canadian National Building Code requiring radon rough-in for new construction. You need to be confident that your buildings are to Code. 

Our certified technicians will work with you to evaluate your residential or commercial building designs, and make recommendations on how to meet the Code requirements. Rough-in measures are not expected to reduce radon levels in a building, but rather they make a future active radon system more efficient and effective.

The purpose of the radon rough-in is to include a performance-improving components of a radon system that cannot be retrofitted or are more difficult to install once construction has been completed. While radon systems are not required by the Code, more and more buyers are seeking new builds with radon systems pre-installed. We are able to make recommendations or work with your architecture team to find the appropriate radon mitigation system. Active radon mitigation systems operate by drawing air from under the slab to create a low-pressure region that prevents radon from entering the building envelope.  These systems are engineered to extract the proper amount of air to be protective, while limiting the loss of conditioned air from the building., and to minimize noise and energy penalties.  The design also needs to minimize noise and energy loss, as well as take into account safety factors such as radon re-entrainment, mould and back- drafting risks. 

Rough-in measures are not expected to reduce radon levels in a building but they make a future active radon system more efficient and effective

Whether you need a report or someone to come in and do the work, we are able to tailor our services to your business’ needs.

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Training & Certification

Most provinces have already adopted the 2010 Canadian National Building Code which includes specific requirements for radon rough-in for new construction. Set yourself apart and become a certified radon professional for measurement, mitigation and new construction installations. We offer high quality Canadian-specific courses that are approved under the Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program (C-NRPP) which is the only radon certification recognized in Canada.Our courses are flexible, convenient Distance Learning Certification courses so you can complete them when you want and where you want. Our online courses offer increased affordability and flexibility that traditional attendance based classes can't match. Plan your study around your job and continue to make an income while you train.
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