TEC - Minneapolis Blower Door™ System (with DG-1000) BD3-KIT-010

TEC - Minneapolis Blower Door™ System (with DG-1000) BD3-KIT-010

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Lightweight, Durable Door Frame and Panel

The innovative design of our adjustable aluminum frame and durable nylon panel is the result of years of refinements based on the experience of thousands of users. There is no easier way to seal a Blower Door fan into a door opening.  Snap-together aluminum frame comes in a compact carrying case and sets up in seconds. Precision engineered cam lever mechanism securely clamps the nylon panel into the door opening. Adjusts to fit the largest and smallest residential door openings (custom sizes available). A built-in window allows you to monitor outside activity. Panels are also available with a hole sized for the Duct Blaster Fan as well as two and three Blower Door fan configurations.

Blower Door Accessory Case

Our padded accessory case comes with every Blower Door system and has loads of room for your gauges, manuals, tubing, speed controller and nylon panel. It even has a padded laptop computer pocket and file compartments for organizing literature, forms and other documents.

Product Number: BD3-KIT-010

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Minneapolis Blower Door and DG-1000 Gauge:


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