OUT OF STOCK  - Mitigation kit - RN2-EC Fan - Do-It-Yourself - Sub Slab Depressurization

OUT OF STOCK - Mitigation kit - RN2-EC Fan - Do-It-Yourself - Sub Slab Depressurization

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This kit contains all the difficult to find bits to complete your own Do-It-Yourself Active Slab Depressurization radon mitigation system and Fantech's newest EC fan available. The Fantech EC line of fans differ from the others with variable speed controls.  Variable speed control is especially helpful for the Do-it-yourselfer that does not have the instrumentation to properly size the fan helping with noise reduction and energy efficiency.

The RN2-EC can move 20 cfm at 1.75” and up to 123 cfm at 0.5” water column.   It is almost like having two fans in one - the RN1 and the RN2!  

These systems have demonstrated up to a 99% reduction in indoor radon levels. Just add pipe, pipe cement and some sweat equity, and you can start breathing safe again.

Health Canada strongly recommends hiring a certified C-NRPP radon mitigation professional.  Professionals can properly determine airflow and fan sizing requirements, seal radon entry paths, identify potentially deadly back-drafting situations, and properly seal building envelope penetrations. 

However - if hiring a pro is not an option, following the DIY manual included in this kit gives you a good chance at constructing a radon mitigation system that is both safe and effective.  Be sure to consult with a pro if you have any questions relating to the safety of your system.  

This kit is to be used with 4" schedule 40 PVC or ABS pipe.


  • A Step by Step Manual - Protecting Your Home From Radon In Canada - Doug Kladder
  • RN-EC2 Fantech inline radon fan
  • 2 Fantech flexible Fernco black couplers
  • Electrical cord (6' three prongs)
  • Electrical strain relief
  • Sealant indoor tube – 300ml
  • Uniseal 4" Bushing
  • Bracing kit with 2 noise-reducing ring clamps, 1' threaded rod, 2 ceiling plates, 8' of web strapping
  • 4" U-tube manometer
  • Sound reducing foam insert
  • Varmint guard - grey
  • Label and radon mitigation system information packet
  • CO monitor

Note: Fan sizing can only be completed through diagnostic measurements using industry-specific tools that the average homeowner will not have.  Unfortunately, returns or exchanges on fans for a different size will not be accepted.  If you want to ensure the optimal fan for the job, we recommend hiring a C-NRPP certified professional who performs installations based on the CGSB 149.12-2017 standard.

RN-EC2 technical specs: